Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A little more than two years ago when pregnant with my second son I was put on semi bedrest toward the end of my pregnancy and couldn't stand up to be a hairstylist any longer. This is when the husband and I had the talk and decided that it would be best for our family if I would stay home with our children all the time. I have a hard time feeling as if I just don't do enough anymore now that I am home. My husband thinks I am great at it but I still struggle everyday not feeling like I am accomplishing enough. I decided to start this blog to give myself a place to share some the things I am learning at home to try to make life better and easier for my children and my husband. I am the one who takes care of the shopping, bill paying, and most of the cooking and cleaning. I have started recently expanding my cooking abilities by doing some cooking from the cookbook and some recipes on the internet.

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