Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's My Anniversary

Today is our 5th anniversary! When I met The Man I was at a point in my life when I had been divorced from a loser, had declared bankruptcy, and just wasnt sure that my happily ever after was meant to happen. I knew what I wanted in a man but had yet to find the one who fit in all my crazy criteria. The Man fit perfectly. He was tall and amazingly gorgeous. He had a decent job, an apartment of his own and paid his bills. He had his own car and knew how to keep his home tidy. He was amazingly sweet with flowers and opening doors. I was in awe of him. I had gotten to the point in my life when I was happy with being alone and raising S by myself. I had originally agreed to go on a date with him because he was HOT and I was game for a free meal. After our first date when he spoke to my face all night and not to my chest I was sold. We went to dinner and then sat in the parking lot talking until almost 2 am when we got asked to leave by the night security for the parking lot. I went home and thought to myself 'wow if he calls me he is the one'. He did call. He called as soon as he got home to check and make sure I had made it home ok.

We ran off to Vegas and eloped on April 18, 2005. There have been ups and downs but mostly ups. I feel absolutely blessed that we found each other. He is a wonderful dad and husband and I cherish each and every day we have together. I love you Hubby xoxoxo

Friday, April 16, 2010

It Has Been A Little While

Well I haven't updated in a while. I have been busy and been trying to fight off a small bout of the blues. S is in soccer now and that is taking up 2-3 nights a week. He loves his sports and I am proud to watch him do something that he loves so much. I am still trying to get T potty trained but it is not going so well. He was day time potty trained before we left Tucson to come here but since the move has resorted back to diapers. He just has no interest and fights going on the toilet or potty chair. K is a big boy. He weighs in at 30lbs at 16 months. No wonder I have a hard time carrying him around for very long. We have a new male member in our family now. We adopted a 4.5 month old shih tzu. His name is bear. Of course I wanted the small dog and the dog loves The Man. I find it very cute to see the puppy curled up on The Man's lap watching TV. Angel is loving having another dog around as she thinks that all other dogs and people should play with her and pet her all the time. That might be a bit of my fault since I spoil her.

The blues I am having are quite frustrating. While I love being here and don't mind being away from the rest of my family I do miss my friends in the states and being able to shop very cheaply. My grocery budget here has at least doubled as I don't have more than a few options for stores and double/triple coupons are nonexistent. Spring is here and the weather is getting nice so I was hoping for some chances to explore but the money just seems to be a bit tighter. I am still paying off the last two credit cards and those should be done by the end of this year or the beginning of next year and that will free up some money but right now it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I am also missing the me time. I feel extremely selfish for wanting me time but I really feel that it has been too long since I got to go out and be myself without all the worries of the house. I would go out alone but I am too nervous to be out by myself for safety sake.