Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Breastfeeding is the perfect food for a baby. It is free and always ready when needed. I am almost 11 months in on breastfeeding my 3rd child and I will say while it is convenient and free there are days (like today) when I wish he would just take a bottle of something so I could escape for a while. I find it awful that I feel this way since it is the best thing for him but I am counting down the days til he will wean so I can have my body back. I fought so hard with my first child to breastfeed only to have to end up feeding him formula and bottles. I did everything possible. Went to lactation consultants, went to doctors, went to the hospital clinic that specialized in helping moms breastfeed their children and it failed me. I felt like a horrible failure for years. So when I had my second child I tried again. It worked!!! It was great and I never regretted it. I only got slightly grumpy after 10-11 months of not one single full night of sleep but I enjoyed breastfeeding. This time I have been lucky to have him breastfeed so well but he refuses to take a bottle and will not sleep through a single night. I am exhausted and sore on my nipples where his teeth happen to rub.

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