Friday, June 3, 2011

Market and Canning

Summer is almost here and the price of produce is going down. I love many fruits but have been trying to figure out more ways to eat them rater than just eating them plain. I have a harder time with vegetables as I like a few and have not tasted many. The Man and I have decided that we are going to try some new things this summer as we see them at the market or the store. This week's mystery food is fennel. It is still in the fridge because we have not figured out what to do with it yet. Need to get this taken care of soon.

We went to the Bury St. Edmunds market Saturday and bought tons of fruit and a few vegetables. The Man and I took on the challenge of cleaning a good portion of our fruit and turning it into some interesting canned items to eat later. We made monkey butter, rhubarb grapefruit preserves (mine doesn't look as pretty as hers but tastes really good), maple walnut syrup, strawberry syrup, and plum cherry vanilla jam. It took about 3-4 hours to can all of that but it was fun and so nice to see the good food that we preserved ourselves. Nice thing is that none of this food has HFCS in it.

It has been almost a week since we went to the market. I think we will just pick up a few random fruit and vegetables at the local store this week and plan to make another market trip the following weekend. I love how much we can get for the money. I will also be happy when our garden starts producing and reducing our food budget even more.


  1. What did you end up doing with the fennel? I have an excellent chicken/fennel recipe if you decided you liked fennel. :)

  2. We didnt end up figuring what to do with it before it spoiled. I would love a good recipe to try so we could try again. I do not like wasting food.