Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I am still sitting at 210lbs. I, like many other people, just wish there was a miracle thin pill or that the weight would just fall off. The Man is still working his night shifts which puts a damper on lots of things I would like to do. I'm going to have to figure out how to do some exercises at home in my small spaces or I will never get this weight under control. I am not sure where to start with exercising at home. I have no DVDs or any clue what kinds of exercises will work. Do you have any suggestions for a cheap DVD or a website that might have some valuable information for me?


  1. My husband uses a website to track what he eats. I know there is a forum there. I bet someone there could recommend exercises/websites to do in a small space. Keep trying, YOU CAN DO IT!!

  2. Thanks I will check out that site. I have downloaded a calorie counter here at home to try to help with my diet. Hopefully that will help me see where my downfall is.