Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Not So Good Very Bad Day

I had a really rough day yesterday. I was trying to get my house cleaned in between feeding the kids and trying to detour the fights between them. For some reason K decided that he was going to be rotten. I would be in the kitchen trying to get lunch and he was in the bathroom trying to flood it. I was trying to feed H and he was getting into the diaper cream, painting himself as well as the house. I turned my back and he had removed his clothes and thrown his diaper across the room. He would not even take a nap. I normally have nap/quiet time in this house after lunch and I just could not get any of my kids to settle down to be quiet or read or nap. The kids not behaving on top of the stress about trying to get H's passport stuff taken care of when someone seems to have lost The Man's passport had me in tears before 3pm. After The Man got home from work and dinner was served and all the kids were in their jammies, I went to the commissary. Everything there went fine but I was off in la la land driving home. I was driving 25 mph in what I thought to be a 25 mph zone only to get pulled over and ticketed for the first time in my life (it was a 20 mph zone). I was devastated and humiliated. It was horrible. Not only did I get a ticket for the first time, I got a ticket on base which means that The Man had to go to his boss and tell him that I had messed up. I spent a good hour bawling my eyes out last night. I ended up going to bed early with a headache just to end the day and start a new better day.

Today was a better day!

I am quite nervous about tomorrow's weigh in. I did really good during the week but this past weekend was hard on the diet. We did go out and do some active things as a family but we ate out twice.

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  1. bless your heart!!!!!! I can't believe they gave you a ticket!!! I'm glad things got better!