Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Laundry: One of those chores that is NEVER complete

I find myself not enjoying the chores that never get 100% done like laundry and dishes. I was reading another blog recently and she had a set schedule for everything she does. I figured maybe if I had a typed out schedule to do laundry that I wouldn't feel like I was under a ton of laundry all the time. I started it last Friday and so far so good. This is what it looks like:

Monday: towels, kitchen and bathroom rugs, and diapers
Tuesday: dark colored clothes and Husband's uniforms
Wednesday: white clothes, bright colored clothes, and diapers
Thursday: Light colored clothes and jeans
Friday: all bedding and diapers
Saturday: oldest son does his own laundry
Sunday: finally a day for rest

I have this posted near the washer and dryer so that it is a little reminder everytime I am there. It seems like a lot less laundry divided into days like this.

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  1. I also have 3 kids and finally caught up on laundry. I do NOT use cloth diapers, but with my youngest being 9 months, I feel like I wash her clothes with every diaper change. We happen to have a large washer and dryer so the washer does "super large" loads. Since I caught up on all the laundry, I have dedicated Wednesday to be laundry day. I usually only have two loads, maybe three and it allows me to stay on top of it.