Saturday, February 27, 2010

29 Reasons To Love Life

Today is the last day before I turn the big 3-0. I have a wonderful life and thought I would share 29 reasons I love my life (not in particular order).

1. I get to wake up to hugs and kisses everyday
2. I have an amazing husband
3. I have 3 awesome boys
4. I see the sun poking through the clouds today
5. Mmmm yummy chocolate chip pankcake muffins for breakfast
6. My doggie loves me
7. I have a roof over my head
8. I have great food in my cupboards
9. Cast iron pans make me happy
10. I get to watch The Man play rugby today
11. I have an end in sight til I have no more debt
12. I didn't have to do the dishes yesterday
13. I have a great wardrobe of clothes
14. I am enjoying a 4 year trip living in England
15. I have wonderful friends both in the USA and England
16. I have a reliable car
17. Chocolate
18. Flowers
19. Online shopping
20. The crockpot makes my life easier
21. Home cooked meals
22. My pink laptop
23. Snuggling on the fold out couch for movie night with the family
24. Ed Hardy perfume
25. Brittish Coca Cola
26. Being a MOM
27. Being a WIFE
28. Being alive and healthy
29. This is the last day til I turn 30 and start a new decade of my life

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