Friday, January 25, 2013

Did you know that Dollar Tree takes coupons?

I have been back in the states now for a couple of months and am learning new things all the time. One thing I found out recently was that Dollar Tree takes manufacturer's coupons. This can make for some good deals. Here are two that I was able to score this week.

I bought my Sunday paper at the Dollar Tree for $1. I cut 2 coupons and used them the next day when I was out running errands. $1 off 1 Speed Stick deodorant and $1 off 2 Hormel pepperonis. 3 items we would have bought at some point anyway for $1 plus tax. This worked out as a pretty good deal to me. I actually went back and got three more papers so I could get more free deodorant and cheap pepperoni.

Did you know that the Dollar Tree took Manufacturer coupons? Did you know they carried name brand items that coupons could be used for? Have you scored any amazing deals there?

Have a super fabulous day!!

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