Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thrift store shopping

We all need to buy clothes for ourselves and our children. When money is tight (or even when it isn't) buying clothes because a kid grows is stressful. We have 4 kids, all of which were had prior to our crappy situation. Unfortunately, they don't quit growing just because it is stressful.

I have figured out that the Value Village across the street from my house has some amazing deals to be had. Thursdays they put a certain color tag at 50% off and on Monday that tag is $.99. It is a hit or miss on whether you can find what you are looking for but the deals are there to be had.

I didn't have much of a wardrobe when I moved back to the states, so when Christmas time came around and my mom asked what I wanted I told her clothes. Since she and I have very different taste in clothes it worked out better that she chose to give me a gift card (with the stipulation that it could only be spent on me). I spent several Monday mornings standing in line waiting for Value Village to open. I managed to spend that gift card and fill my closet quite fully. My mom would never have shopped at the thrift store but when I was able to tell her I got such and such brand skirt, dress, or shirt for only a dollar, she was amazed.

I have also been able to keep my kids clothed by watching the racks at Value Village. I have been able to find my teen the Levis jeans he likes for $4.99 or less. I was also able to find him various brands of basketball style shorts for summer for less than $3. Most of my daughter's footed pajamas came from there costing only $.99 -$1.50 each.

I like to shop at thrift stores because it is a thrill to find something that would have normally cost $60 and only pay $1. Even when we get back to a better place in life I will still shop at the thrift store.

Have a super fabulous wonderful day!

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