Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

The Man and I had agreed to not buy gifts or do anything special for Valentine's Day but he didn't listen and went and did for me anyway. I do not like the over commercialized idea of Valentine's Day. Flowers that a week or two prior would have cost less than half the cost or random boxed chocolates just do not do it for me. I want to have the love shared with me but I do not want The Man to go out and spend crazy money that could go elsewhere more important on flowers. He went way above and beyond (even though we had agreed not to) and did for me what I would consider the best gift ever because it really shows how well he knows me. He did buy me a card but it wasn't some overly romantic dramatic card, it was a funny, witty card that shows his personality. He did buy me some chocolates and candies but not a prepackaged overpriced heart shaped one. He bought me Haribo gummy bears and Ritter Sport minis. These are two of my favorite candies and I love that it showed that he thought this one out. He also bought me a single serving coke. This is awesome because I wont have to share with anybody and it is the coke made here that is made with real sugar and not HFCS. I love coke but I wont drink it with the HFCS in it. Coke is also a treat as it is not healthy for us even with regular sugar and I do not like paying the prices very often. I am so glad that The Man was thrifty and thoughtful in his gift. I unfortunately am a bad wife because I never suspected he was going to do something and since we had agreed to do nothing I have to come up with something creative today to try to show him how much I care.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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