Monday, April 30, 2012

Long Time

It has been a long time since I posted. I am sorry. I got really busy and well, the blog just wasn't on the high priority list. So I guess it is time for an update.

I didn't hit my weight loss goal. I went back up to about 205 lbs. I was doing good then got busy and slacked off and ate lots of junk. I have had some health problems that the Dr has now put me on a diet. They are expecting me to be 150 lbs by mid October. I am scared. I am down to 196.something today from the 205 on 16 April. I am using and logging all my food. Some days it is really easy, others like today are not. I am also trying to get The Man on board to lose some weight with me. I am hoping that with both of us doing it together we can challenge and inspire the other. He has been using myfitnesspal too.

I have re registered my oldest son for school for next year. He will be going into 7th grade as long as he keeps up his good grades. I cant believe it, a 7th grader! He will turn 12 this summer and we will sign him up to take the babysitting class. I don't think he will be ready to babysit yet but it will be nice to know he took the class anyway.

I had to register my second son to start kindergarten in the fall. I think he is ready to go but I am nervous for him. He is loud and moves a lot and I am afraid he will struggle with the sitting and being quiet thing. Maybe though he will surprise me because it will be someone else telling him what to do.

My littlest son well he is just darn cute and rotten to the core. I am debating whether to try to enroll him into a preschool in the fall. They have preschool that is free for 15 hours a week here. I am going to have to check a couple of the schools out and see what they are like.

My princess turned one in March. She is crazy and I think going to give the boys a run for their money. She learned to walk around 10-11 months and now refuses to sit still ever. She is in a horrible climbing stage right now where I am constantly after her and taking her off the couch, recliners, coffee table, dining chairs, and dining table. It is crazy. I turn my back and she is up on something. I told my mom I think she is part goat. LOL

We are getting ready to do a challenge in our house with I will post more about it this week and let you see the grocery list of food that we have bought to try this. I am including my children even though they recommend that nobody under 15 attempt it. I think that I have been able to buy a sufficient enough food to feed all of us . It isn't the quality that we are used to eating but it is food.

Til next time

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