Friday, March 15, 2013

Life in Limbo... Still

Life is still in limbo. The Man is home from over there. It is nice to have him home because we are all together as a family. I love my little (or big) family. We are still staying with my friend from high school. This is still not an ideal situation but we have a roof over our heads and we are all together right now and safe. Life threw us some curve balls and we are trying our best to work with those.

The Man made it home almost two weeks ago. He is now out of the military. They were not nice and gave him less than a week notice to get the house stuff and vehicle shipped because some computer stuff was getting shut down or some other line of b.s. It also ended up costing us our final paycheck because he wasn't able to get the house cleaned properly to turn over to the housing people so it gave us less money to live on while he is unemployed. Yippee! Things don't ever seem to work out how I plan but they always seem to work out somehow in the end.

He has applied for a bunch of jobs and we are waiting to hear back from unemployment and the food stamps office. I am hoping that unemployment and food stamps can help get us through for the month or so til we can get back on our feet hopefully. I am also going to send out my papers to get my cosmetology license up here so that I can get work up here too if need be. I just didn't want to get a hair job and then quit because I loved doing hair so much before and I wont want to give up my independence again to stay at home again and The Man has the ability to make so much more money with better benefits. Once he does get a job though I will possibly see if there is some way that I can work part time around his schedule though because I would like to get back out there and do something for myself and feel like I am contributing more than just housework to the house.

The job loss hasn't affected the kids yet as they really haven't noticed anything other than their dad is home, which is exactly what I had hoped for when I moved them back. S's grades are improving and he is doing better in school. T is still doing amazing in school. The two little ones are working at potty training. It would be a miracle if I could stop buying diapers and pull ups (the lady I live with will not let me wash cloth ones in her washer).

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