Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So much has changed...

So much has changed in life. We ended up having to move out of my high school friend's house shortly after I wrote the last post because she chose to invite her husband back home. They didn't kick us out. I chose to move quickly since I wasn't going to be living in a house with someone who I was told used drugs. I have no first hand knowledge if he does or doesn't but I wasn't going to sit around and hope for the best. I chose to move out quickly and let her have her life with her husband that she took back. It has pretty much ruined all the years of friendship that we did have since I couldn't trust her not to lie to me any more. She had told me not even two days prior she wasn't talking to him at all and had no way to contact him. That was a lie when she could manage to show up on the porch with him so quickly after. Any way it is over and after a short stint borrowing the basement of a friend of a friend we finally have our own apartment.

It isn't exactly how I had pictured my life but we needed a roof over our head and a place that would allow our oversized dog. We have a little 3 bedroom apartment with a patio. The patio area even has a small place where the dogs can relieve themselves without doing so on the patio. It has been hard trying to fit our stuff in the apartment because we had a much bigger place in England and The Man seems to lean toward hoarder tendencies. We are happy to at least have a place to call our own after this time.

The Man is still unemployed and my trying to find a minimum wage job after this time hasn't proven to be successful either. When I interviewed at a local fast food restaurant the woman conducting the interview asked me why I would want a job there when I was so educated. I haven't worked since 2006 and when I did I was a hairstylist. I would like to get back into hairstyling if I can manage to find a place to take me with the gap in work. I do and have a license to do hair since 1999. It has taken me 3 months to get the reciprocity process done to get my license in Washington again. 3 months sure feels like a really long time when you are waiting on something so important. It finally arrived today.

The Man has an interview tomorrow. It is for a company that one of the other apartment people told him about. He had a phone interview with the company on Monday and tomorrow a face to face interview. I am really hoping he gets this job and that it will have hours that I am still able to do hair around. Being out of the comfort of the military paycheck is very stressful because we have bills to pay. Unemployment had kept us afloat until this point  but a job would help even more. I think that we are both going to have to work for a while if we can swing it to continue to pay the debt we have.

Now, that I have rambled on for a while I will let you be for today.

Talk to you soon

Have a super fabulous wonderful day !!

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