Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Farm Fund

We are working our tails off to be debt free. I figure it will be the first quarter of 2011 when we will have all our credit cards and our van paid off. After we pay all of this off our money goal will be to put money away in our "farm fund" savings. The farm fund is to help us in the future to buy a house on some property and to be able to have what I am referring to as a mini farm. We hope to have a medium to large garden, some chickens, and possibly a cow or two. The mini farm will not be able to be started until my husband retires from the military in 8-10 years unless we manage to get stationed somewhere we love when we go back stateside and find a killer deal on a property. Currently we are learning about gardening through books and trial and error. I hope to learn some canning skills as well this year so that we can preserve the garden bounty. Right now we have some winter onions and garlic in the ground that should be ready to harvest in June. We tried to grow some tomatoes and eggplant this past year but we got started a bit too late and only ended up with one tomato that was edible. The beginning of February we are going to order our plants and seeds for our garden this spring. We would love to have a couple of chickens but due to us living in military housing right now it is not possible. I am a planner so I have this all laid out on a spreadsheet so that I can see the end result. I figure if we play our cards right we should be able to live on The Man's retirement check and part time jobs. This is definitely not most people's ideal living but this is our dream.

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