Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Life

I have a great life. It has not always been that way as I had a terrible time the first half of my 20's with bad luck. I try to not dwell on those awful things that happened to be but rather give credit to them for making my life the great life that it is now. I have a great family. My husband has got to be a rare breed since I dated many guys before my husband and NEVER did even one come close to being as perfect as he is for me. I have 3 awesome children. S is 9 and poor guy had to go through the rough part of my 20's with me as I had him when I was only 20. He is growing up rather nicely despite the yuk that we went through. He does well in school and strives to be the best in math in his class. He will do something great someday. T is 3 and he is quite the spitfire. He is me when I was 3, looks and attitude. I can tell he is going to be a handful always but I cannot imagine my life without him. K my little guy is almost 14 months and he is so cute and funny and watching his personality develop is fun. He has learned to crawl up the stairs so he can go play with the big boys. He thinks this is the best part of life right now. Oh to be so innocent. My D.O.G. Angel I could never forget her. She is my rock when my husband is gone for work. She knows when I am upset and need comforting or when I just need a slobbery doggie kiss. She is the most expensive cheap dog I could have ever imagined. She was $100 when we got her and between all of her food, shots, her spay, her doggie spa days, and her the expensive trip to England she has cost us well over $3000 in the past 4 years. We are pretty financially secure. We do have some debt but we have an end in site to being debt free. We have a small savings to help deal with emergencies like tires or whatever so that we don't have to put them on our credit cards. We also have a tiny savings that is started for the farm fund. I have to say this is never where I pictured my life to be when I was young but I can say honestly without any doubt in my mind that this is WAY better than any life I had pictured. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

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