Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Grump Of The Day

I am going to preface my grump today with the parts I do like about being a military wife. I do like the military because we have a steady paycheck. We get dental and medical benefits. We also get housing benefits and retirement options. And I must say The Man looks amazing in his uniform. But besides all those good things there are a few bad things. Next month I will have been married for 5 years and The Man has been deployed, at school, or TDY for about half of that time. The time he has been home we have had to struggle through constantly changing work shifts. I have been lucky enough to have The Man work the day shift for approximately 1.5 month total in the time we have been together. Most of the time he is either working the 3p - 11p shift never being home for homework, dinner or bedtimes or he is working the 11p - 7a shift attempting to sleep during the day and being extremely grumpy while he is awake. He has been gone for 3 weeks now fixing a broken airplane and this has been a rough 3 weeks for me. We are in a foreign country with no family and I have all of 1 friend here. Of course as my luck would have it that he would be gone while my 1 friend's family was visiting and I couldnt just call her and whine when my children were misbehaving. The rest of my friends are in several different states and of course different time zones which I still have not figured out. It is quite lonely not having anybody to talk to other than my children. When I married The Man I never figured this would be an issue. I had one son and worked a full time job. I had plenty of stimulation throughout my days. Now I have three sons and am a stay at home mom and feel like I do not get enough stimulation in my day any more. I love the fact that we can manage to make ends meet with me being home but I really want to be one of those super moms. You know the kind who have nice clean houses all the time, their children listen perfectly and they always look put together. Sorry for my grump of the day but I am feeling pretty sorry for myself today.


  1. I can't say I understand because I'm not in your situation but I know many military wives. One even moved cross country several times with her husband; many times she did it on her own with two toddlers!!! I can tell it's tough. Very tough when you have little ones and you're the only one there to care for them 24/7. I wish you luck! =)

  2. The Saved QuarterMarch 29, 2010 at 6:20 AM

    That sounds really tough. I'd grumble too. :(

    Do they have military wife groups on your base that you could go to and commiserate?

  3. I know they have a wife group but it costs money to join and I have an extreme paranoia of having to be involved with large groups of people. Also many of the activities would require some kind of child care and I dont usually have it due to work schedules and trips. I will be ok I just needed to grump a little.

  4. to me you are one of those super moms. honestly.

    you said it yourself - you find a way to make ends meet while you stay home with three children. i don't know how you do it.

    you make homemade EVERYTHING. regardless of what you say.

    you find coupons for anything and use them - i can't manage to do that and we have no kids!

    your kids always look put together and more importantly happy. you're an amazing mom and allow them to be boys!

    i could go on forever in the ways i admire you! i can only imagine how difficult it is to have three kids and a husband who can't always be around. but hang in there, one day they will thank you for everything you gave up to stay home with them!