Monday, March 15, 2010


Yesterday was a really bad day. The Man has been gone TDY for over a week and for some reason this trip has been very hard on me. I have been through deployments, deployments during pregnancy, TDYs, and training making him gone for a good portion of our marriage. I think I have dealt pretty well on all of them except the first one after we got married til this trip. We got paid and so I decided it was time to go grocery shopping which being the weekend meant I had to take all three boys. I decided since most times they are in great moods in the morning I would take them after breakfast before they got hungry and tired. This logics did not work for me. A trip to the store that probably should have taken me about 30 minutes took me over an hour. I was all prepared with my shopping list and coupons knowing I was going to be bringing them along. The two older ones decided to fight and pick on each other and run through the store like maniacs. This made me crazy. I was so upset when I left the store I broke down and cried a bit. This attitude from the two older ones continued through the rest of the day.

The baby was pretty good during shopping but he is a needy child. He constantly needs me near him. He cries a lot and for reasons I dont understand. I make sure he is fed, clean diaper, drink and cuddles and sometime this just doesnt make him stop crying. The only other thing I can think of is he is teething again. I do not know what to do about teething besides give him some tylenol which I dont like to do since the teething neclace broke. I really believe that necklace worked miracles but havent been able to replace it as of yet.

I also decided I needed to shampoo my carpets since someone spilled something purplish on it. I tried to get my kids to help me pick up their clothes and toys and this just led to more fighting. I cant imagine how hard it is to pick up about 10 items that belong to you when someone takes care of almost all of your other needs. Everytime I ask for one of them to do something I seem to always get the "but why?" or just flat out ignored. I would really LOVE to know the secret behind a mid to large size family and their tricks of getting the children to help and being able to keep things in order.

I am so glad yesterday is done!! Today was much better and I hope tomorrow will be even better.

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