Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to K, my sweet, cuddly, 3 year old. We took him out today to pick out his gift from his Nana since she was unable to get a gift in the mail to him in time. We let him walk around the store and look at all the toys and he stuck true to his love of trains and picked out another train. He is going to be super excited tomorrow when we have his party that he is getting more train things. We also got lunch and ice cream while we were out. He thought it was so cool that we let him have ice cream before his food but he still managed to finish his food off before his ice cream was gone. We don't usually let the kids have ice cream out and about, nor do we let them eat ice cream before eating something with a bit of nutrition but it is a special thing that my mom did with me as a teen for special occasions so I have decided to carry it on with my kids. I hope that the little things like this will make many happy memories for them.

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