Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Pregnancy Week 30

I am now 30 weeks into this pregnancy and very glad to be nearing the end. This pregnancy has been rougher than any of my other three. It started with the morning  all day sickness that subsided about 20 weeks or so. And now I have gestational diabetes and am having to watch my blood pressure due to it being elevated a week ago.

The gestational diabetes is frustrating. I didn't have it with any of my 3 boys so this is a new experience for me. I took a 3 hour glucose test at 27 weeks and it came back as a big fat fail. Since then I have had to poke my finger 4 times a day and test my blood sugars. I have been doing pretty well controlling it with my diet so I hopefully wont have to go on any medications to control it. I have found that portion sizes along with variety of type of food helps me the most. I have also been losing weight since doing this. Since I am overweight to begin with they are not worried.

My blood pressure a week ago was 141/71, which is too high and could point to signs of preeclampsia. I guess that any number over 140/90 is considered too high in pregnancy. I think it was elevated because I was super stressed going in to the doctor's office that day. I was afraid they were going to put me on diabetes medications. Today it was better so they aren't as worried and I will not have to go back in for 2 more weeks.

On other news everything else is going good. Baby is growing on target. Heartbeat is great. We also found out at an ultrasound around 18 weeks that our final baby is supposed to be a girl. The idea of a girl is exciting and scary. This will be the first granddaughter on both sides of the family so they are not too happy that we are here in England. I am sorta glad that we are here because then they cannot try to show the favoritism. If they try I can stop it because anything they would send has to be sent via mail and I get to control what comes into the house that way.

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