Wednesday, February 9, 2011

35 weeks

I am 35 weeks and 2 days along now. I feel huge, although I have only gained about 2 pounds since my 10 week weigh in. The doctors are not worried about my lack of weight gain since I was overweight to begin with. I believe that the weight control has stemmed from having to watch my diet to control the gestational diabetes. I have been very lucky and have not had to be on any medicine to control the diabetes since I have managed to keep my numbers good with just my diet. I must admit though that I miss having a sweet dessert every so often. I had an ultrasound today because I was measuring 5cm too big at my appointment last Thursday. They measured the baby at weighing 6 lbs 1 oz (+/- 15 oz) and 35 weeks 6 days. This is really good news because I was nervous they were going to tell me the baby weighed 8 pounds already. I have about 4 weeks left until my c-section and I have not gotten any of my baby stuff washed. I also haven't gotten a hospital bag together. I guess I feel like I am still doing okay on time because I didn't go into labor on my own with any of the boys prior to my c-sections.

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  1. It won't be long now!!! How exciting!

    Denise @ Budget Confidential and The Single Saver