Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Feel Better

When I was working, prior to my 4 year old, I was a hairstylist. I loved the job but couldn't stand my boss. When it came time and I was on bed rest The Man and I decided it would be better if I stayed at home til the kids were all in school. Besides missing the interaction with adults at work, I miss getting pampered. I would have my hair colored and cut at least monthly and I would get a pedicure once a month. I have been doing my own hair and pedicures since I quit working because I felt bad wanting to spend the money on myself. Well, I finally broke down and paid to have my hair cut and colored. I love it. I wont end up spending the money to do it regularly but right now I feel better. The Man wanted me to get a pedicure as well but since I am so close to being due and the lady who does them down the street is pretty busy I will have to wait some other time to do that.

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