Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Biggest Money Fail

I am good at paying bills on time and making sure that everything is taken care of for everybody. I find that my weakness is when The Man or one of the kids wants something. I can go for a long time and not buy anything for myself but find myself trying to fit things in for The Man or the kids as soon as they ask. I wont buy myself a pair of tennis shoes that I don't NEED but yet when The Man asks for a video game or a "man toy" I manage to fit it in the budget as soon as possible. This gets me discouraged sometimes. I am trying to pay off the last of the credit card debt and these extra expenses don't help. I have been good about not adding more to the debt but the money buying these toys could be used to pay them off faster. I would feel bad telling him no on a request, unless of course it is something outrageous like a new car, because I feel he deserves to have these toys because he works hard and supports us. I am not sure how to say no without feeling guilty. Any suggestions?

ETA: Today I am feeling guilty for buying guitars for The Man and the boys but this should let them learn something new together.

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