Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Military Medical Facility

Dear Military Medical Facility,
     When I call to schedule an appointment and specifically tell you that the date you want me to come in is not going to work because The Man is going to be TDY and I would have to bring in all 4 of my children please don't schedule me that day and tell me there is no other option. When you do schedule me that appointment and I come on time with my 4 children in tow, like you said would be OK, it would be nice if you were running on time as well. My time is just as valuable as yours. It would also be nice if I could be informed that the doctors are running late prior to me sitting waiting for an hour with restless children and only being told when I walk up to try to reschedule my appointment. When I have reached the limit that I am ready to leave and reschedule my appointment please do not try to convince me to stay just a little bit longer. Did you not see my children being busy bodies and loud? I try to be polite but after sitting and waiting for an hour with children who are not on their best behavior I am sorry but I will not sit and wait longer. Please take a little time to think about informing people when you are running late as you expect the same courtesy from them. Also next time when a parent specifically asks to not be scheduled when they must drag all of their children along it would benefit you and the parent to not schedule them that day.
                                                                                               The Disgruntled Mom
                                                                                               (who now has a headache thanks to you)

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