Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Good and The Not So Good

I did my shopping this past week on base and off base. I am still on track with my pounds spending but I over spent on the dollars shopping trip. I spent about $88 and it wasn't all good food that I would normally buy. It was easy things that would be quick to prepare while our friends are here. Combine this total with the money I spent on and I am way over in the dollars amount.

I spent 30.56 pounds on the off base shop. This one I was better about sticking to my budget and bought better foods for the house. I bought diapers, organic sugar, organic flours, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and Coke. I will go shopping again off base next week since Sunday is Easter and if I do good about the budget maybe I will have a couple pounds to carry over to next pay period.

I also made a quick WIC trip to get milk, cheese, eggs, juice, bread, strawberries, and a big bag of salad greens.

Budgeted - $66.16 and 80 pounds

Spent - $113.96 and 47.36 pounds

The extra dollars money got pulled out of savings for the overage.

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