Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week One Of Off Base Shopping

This was the first weekly shop on my $150 + WIC challenge at the off base store. I decided to do a weekly shop at Sainsburys since they had sent me a group 6 off 30 pound purchase coupons that could be used weekly. It is also quite close to my house and has a decent amount of whole or organic options. I think I did pretty good as I am still learning the store and what things cost with the exchange rate. I had pulled out 60 pounds for my 2 weekly shopping trips to the off base store. I figured I would have about 30 pounds per trip. I came in under today with my total being 28.88 pounds. I am quite proud of my trip although I hope to buy a few more organic items next time since I will still have meat in the freezer.

for my 28.88 pounds I got:
-3 1.5l  cokes
-1 bag of smoked salmon fillets (frozen)
-1 bag frozen bell pepper pieces
-1 bag frozen diced onions
-1 bag organic whole wheat bread flour
-1 pk newborn diapers
-2 bags salad greens
-2 bags braeburn apples
-3 onions
-1 organic butter
-2 turkey legs
-2 4pks yogurt
-1 pk ground beef (almost 2 lbs)
-2 2pks of smoked back bacon (different than U.S. bacon)
-2 pks organic mushrooms
-1 organic bread mix

Budgeted: $50 and 60 pounds
Spent: $52.28 and 28.88 pounds

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