Friday, April 15, 2011

Grocery Challenge....Take 2

So I failed miserably on the last grocery challenge and went over by quite a bit. I think that my biggest failure was not being prepared for extras when guests were here. I have bumped my budget up a little bit this pay period (15-30 April). I am putting my dollars grocery money into a separate account so if I don't end up using it all then I can roll it into the next pay period. I had $16.16 in that account already so I am going to add $50 and have a dollars budget of $66.16. I am also going to have 80 pounds to spend off base. For this I have my grocery pounds separated into a Ziploc bag in my purse. I also keep the off base coupons and store cards in that bag as well so that I can find everything easily. I still have guests at my house this weekend and next weekend so that is why I put the budget up a little higher. In dollars this makes our budget for the pay period a total of $200.56 plus any WIC foods that we are allowed. I am really hoping that I can stick to this budget a little better and go back to the $150 budget when we are not going to have guests.

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